Reflection of Seeing Ourselves Though Technology Chapter 1 Notes

As I started reading this chapter I felt like It was never going to end. There was a lot of history about writing that I did not know. I really enjoyed how they would relate the history of writing back then to the way we are writing today. I was really fascinated when Katie Warfield talked about selfies and her thought behind them. I think a lot of people would benefit from reading about this and then turning it around and looking at them selves and seeing where this reading could fit into their own lives. I found it pretty self absorbing when It came to thinking about myself and all the selfies and things I post on Facebook and Instagram. It even made me think about snapchat. Which is another form of social media I use myself and find that I use it quite a bit. Before reading this chapter I never really gave too much thought to why I posted the things I do or that they were a self representative of myself. I also never really thought or looked at the idea of  when a person takes a picture of them selves or even a picture of anything that it is a form of recording. I more thought of  it as saving or keeping it as a memory. Later in the chapter near the end they start talking about twitter. Now ive heard about twitter and at one point in my life I actually created a twitter account and signed up. But when I created it and got on there I had no idea what I was doing or even where to start. So I never kept up with it and kind of just forgot about it. But as I was reading about twitter in this chapter it got me thinking and I began to somewhat understand it. So with that being said I recently decided to make a new account and give it one more try. And so far it has not been that bad. Maybe a little overwhelming but most things that are new can be. I really found the history of reading and writing very interesting. Learning that not a lot of people knew how to read and write and that later most of the people who did know how to read and write were priest and nuns. While reading this I began to wonder and think to myself how did they even learn how to read and write from the beginning. And if the majority of people who could read and write were nuns and priest how would other people be able to know that the spiritual or religion beliefs that they wrote were true. Thoughout the chapter from the beginning I really noticed how over the years how we as human beings have evolved. Going from not being able to write to paper being so expensive so people didn’t write much. Or people writing but only about one thing or for only one purpose. Today we have evolved to hardly using paper for writing. If anything when it comes to using paper its more for when someone is printing something off the computer. It leaves me thinking whats next? One day will we become completely paperless? Will we only rely on technology? What do you think?


Seeing Ourselves Though Technology Chapter 1 Notes

Summery- At the beginning of the chapter it talks about Parmigianino an italian mannerist painter from 1524. It goes on to talk about how we can relate his self-portrait that he did using a convex mirror to the way be shape ourselves through technology today. Today we use technology and things like Facebook or Instagram and also fitbits to compare and see parts of ourselves just as Parmigianino did in his self portrait. We see the same things he seen. As the you continue to read on it become kind of pattern or a sense of growth when thinking about writing or painting. A lot of people didn’t know how to read or write in the seventeenth Century. It really wasnt till the nineteenth century that people really began to read and write. Most of the people who did read and write were priest or nuns. But the writing was done more for religion and ones self-examination of it. As time goes on paper becomes more accessible and affordable and people started using it for other things like a diary or for keeping track of businesses and their funds. A very popular tradition of writing  was in a diary about ones sins. This was a method used to reflect on ones actions or sins.

Photography has evolved so much over history. Especially when it comes to self portraits. From painting to taking a photo of ourselves that in the past you might see in an art gallery. Today when you see a camera used more is when taking selfies. Quantitative self-representation refers to keeping track of thing like what we do on our phones or fitbit. In the past people use to track things by using a form of a check list. Like for example things that they would need to get done or how many things they have accomplished.  Self tracking was also used to record time and events. Just like today when we use Facebook to post on a time line. Which keeps track of the date and time or place of when it was posted.

Commentary- In about the middle of the chapter the author talks about Katie Warfield and how she researches selfies. She talks about how we can look at ourselves in the mirror but cannot record it. When we take a selfie and post it, it keeps record of it. And we do things like share photos of not only ourselves but the things we do. We are not only doing it for a reaction from the audience that is viewing what you are sharing. We also do it for ourselves. As I would see it as a self-esteem booster. Maybe when we post things like a new house we are trying to compete with others and what they have and post.

Making Connections-  Reading about Katie Warfield and her studies and how she speaks about selfies hit home for me. She goes on talking about how we take all of these photos and post them as if we are doing it to show everyone else. But what we don’t think about is how what we are posting represents who we are or what we perceive ourselves to be to our audience. Today everyone wants to have the nicest things or look the best. Which is fine. But I also think there is a line where we have to ask ourselves are we posting these things for self acceptance or for people just to view them with no underline meaning behind it.

While reading “And By Islands I Mean Paragraphs”.

Reading this was not a easy task. I mean it wasn’t hard to read some of the paragraphs, but a lot of them switched up a lot and very fast. So trying to stay focus and make sense of the paragraphs was kind of frustrating. Ultimately it thought this reading was more of a way to get our mind thinking harder and more in-depth. I questioned a lot of what I was trying to read and what connection the paragraphs had with each other. It seemed like some of the island would change paragraphs, but they would say the same thing but it would be worded differently. While a few other paragraphs changed so fast that it was hard to keep up with understanding what they were trying to say. Overall this reading was a not so easy task, but it was a good way to make a person really think about what they are trying to read.

How to Read Like a Writer and By Islands I Mean Paragraph Notes.

Main idea–  In the reading “how to read like a writer”  describes the ways to read and how you can have a understanding about what you are reading and how you are comprehending it. Like the author in the beginning of this reading talks about how he reached out to his fellow students that were also in his class and asked questions about reading. The reading also explains or sets examples of all the different ways to look at ways to read. For instance one good way to do this is when beginning to read something is to ask common questions. Like what is the auther trying to let their audience know or what is the purpose that the auther is trying to make. It also explains how it is to read like a writer. It is a chance to change the way of your thinking when you are absorbing what you are trying to read while reading.

Key Terms-

Context- the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

Writerly- of or characteristic of a professional author.

Techniques- a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure.

Making Connections-  I can make quite a few connections to the reading “How to Read Like a Writer”. Like the author was referring to all the different ways to think about reading, a couple of things stuck out to me. One of the biggest thing that popped out to me was when they auther was talking about questioning the reading before you continue to read. I find myself doing that more with being in college and having to think more in-depth about what i am reading and how i am absorbing it and being able to retain the things that i read. I also can relate to the thought of what kind of writing i will be assigned when writing and reading in my college courses. It helps knowing ahead of time what approach you are going to take when it comes to your assignments at and what kind of techniques that you will be using.

Summary- The reading ” by island i mean paragraphs” is really about all these islands that you can scroll too and click on and they talk about the descriptions of the island. The author was also trying to provide an image of the island for the readers. If you scroll to different islands it has paragraphs that talks about people’s travels there and the difficulties they had. Other islands would describe why they were named and what they could have been named after. As you scroll to different islands and even the same ones you notice that the paragraphs change and new paragraphs show up with different information. Another island just keeps changing and describing what kind of wild life is there. And what the enviroment would look like. Naming off different types of animals, like birds and also trees and so on.

Choosing a copy write licence

Choosing a copy write license for my blog wasn’t that hard. I knew right away when we were assigned to choose one that I knew which one I was gonna pick. I chose creative commons because if someone where to cross my blog and find something useful maybe for themselves or even a friend or family member I would want them to use it. I also chose this license because I want people to share my work. If they are sharing my work I must be doing something right. Further more I  just want everyone out there to be able to find what they are looking for and use it or share it!

Why Blog Notes

Summary- At the beginning of the article it talked about how college students spend a lot of time on writing assignments. Most of the time while doing these assignments students have not motivation or interest in writing. But when you turn to blogging instead of just writing on paper, its gives you a wider range of ideas to work with. And students tend to be more engaged and interested. With saying that making a blog or blogging is not the easiest thing to do and many people have different thoughts when they think about what blogging really is all about. When blogging became apart in the internet world not a lot of people blogged. Most of the individuals that did blog, they blogged about things like the news or current events happening in the world. Today blogging can range from cars to funny pictures. When making a blog you have to ask yourself questions like, what is my blog gonna be about or how is going to interact with other blogs out there that might be similar. It’s also a good idea to view other blogs to reflect on and give yourself some ideas. As the article goes on it explains in great detail about how to blog. Between the ups and downs and all the decision-making that is required when forming or building a blog. Along with advice on how to keep it simple But at the same time unique.


Commentary- As Alex Reid goes on further in the article he talks about the layout of your blog. While talking about the layout and templates when creating a blog he explains to make a good decision on what you choose for a layout for your blog. And that even if you change your mind later, it is an easy fix to go back and change. For myself so far in this blogging world while setting up my layout I had a lot of trouble trying to go back and adjust certain things or even trying to change my layout. There for, I disagree with his say when he states that its easy to change thing around later. Instead I would more agree with his first statement about making sure you decide wisely on your layout. Instead of going back and trying to change things later. Alex Reid also states that the thoughts or how to define a blog can be difficult when thinking about what to write about. Especially when there are so many question you have to ask yourself. For example, thinking about if the topic of your blog is going to be interesting to others. Or if other people are going to comment or argue on the subject/topic of your blog. Are you going to have an audience? All these things are important when thinking of starting a blog and what you want your blog to be about.


Making connections When reading this article it kept bringing me back to the thought of social media. Especially MySpace, I remember with MySpace there were a lot of fundamentals. For instance, like creating a background and a picture icon with audio as well. I always heard about blogging. But never really gave it too much thought. In the back of my mind I thought posting on Facebook was the same a blogging. But after reading this article it has opened my eyes and mind to what blogging really is and all its benefits and advantages it really has to bring.

Reflection on “Why Blog”

As I started to read this article I found it really interesting and relatable even though there were times I would get to certain parts in the article and my brain would wonder. I was still able to bring it back in and become engaged again with what I was reading. I could relate to when having to do a writing assignment all the time on paper can become very boring and didn’t really give me motivation to write. It was almost like it was a chore that I would dread to do. As it went on to talk about the new age of blogging I got even more interested. And started thinking to myself what am I really all missing out there in the world of the world-wide web. And also thinking why have I never looked up a blog or that maybe I have and I never even knew it. Today the world and the technology and internet are expanding at such a fast rate I find it hard to keep up with. And with that might also come so frustration if I were trying to find a blog and certain topic of a blog and couldn’t find it. Alex Reid goes into really good reasons and details about the how’s and whys of blogging. And really breaks it down for you and gives you steps and guidance for first time bloggers. Which I think is completely amazing! Because before reading this article or even starting a blog I was really unsure of the whole thing. Probably because it is something foreign to me and for the majority of people new things tend to feel nerve-racking or overwhelming. And there are others that get excited when trying new thing. For me myself I feel pretty good about this blogging thing. I feel it gives me a chance to express myself and my writing in a whole other light. Especially being able to show your creativity all around your writing too. I mean I know when writing a paper assignment when you got it back you might have got a well done or good job sticker on your paper. But this is a new way to explore your thoughts and really dig deep inside and bring that beautiful writer out in ourselves and show the world. At the end of reading the article I thought I really wished that I would have read this before I started my blog. I think it would of help me out tremendously. I found it very useful. I also very much agree with the thoughts behind blogging. And why blogging is a good thing when it comes to writing. It bring excitement and a flow of creativity . It also keeps interest for the writer to keep writing and helps them to stay motivated and productive.   I am very excited to keep moving forward with my blog. I think it was an amazing idea for my English teacher to take this route in teaching her English class.

About me

Hi, and welcome to my blog my name is Amanda and I am going to just get this started by telling you a little about myself and kind of give you an idea to what you will be seeing in my future post. As I said before my name is Amanda and I live in Minnesota in a town called Owatonna. I have live pretty much my whole life either in Owatonna or in surrounding towns that are with in county. I am 27 years old and am about to turn 28 this November! I have two beautiful little girls. My oldest just turned eight and her name is Kirra and my youngest will be four years old coming up here the beginning of next year and her name is Mila. I also currently just started my first semester of collage and at this time my major is a veterinarian technician. You can say I have a soft spot if animals! But I also have a caring heart that goes out to addicts and recovery. As for myself I am a recovering addict. And my mission is to carry the message that no addicts never needs to be alone or left behind. There is a way out!  And its called life after addiction!